Thursday, July 22, 2010

Big Brother-Another house guest goes buh-bye!

It's Thursday and another Big Brother live show is on...yay...

Monet is just absolutely furious that Matt is being used as a pawn to make sure that Monet is getting out of the house.

Psst...Big Brother producers!  If you could be so kind as to "accidentally" hit the mute button when either Rachel, Britney or Monet speak, that would be great.  Thank you!

Britney is boo-hooing about Monet getting kicked out.  Now, to add to the waterworks, comes Monet.  Cue the world's smallest violin.  They are just whining about how they are the smartest, cutest, coolest people in the house and the rest of the people are just jealous.  Whatever.

Hayden & Kristen are trying to keep their "showmance" under wraps.  They don't want anyone to know that they are together.  Cue the porn music and Andrew is lying five feet away pretending to sleep..he knows what's going on and is almost giddy about it.

Rachel went to Kristen to see how her voting would go.  She made up a little white lie that Britney had told Rachel that Monet had Kristen's vote.  Of course, Kristen denied this and stormed outside to confront Britney.  Britney vehemently denied that she said anything to Rachel.  Kristen said that Matt didn't deserve to go home so Monet could stay.  To add to the drama, Rachel and Brendon head outside to explain why they put up Monet.  Monet walked back inside claiming that she was leaving the backyard to keep from punching Monet.

After all the lies and craziness going on, Rachel called a house meeting.  Rachel laid out the pawn plot between them and Matt.  Matt is scrambling to cover his ass with the rest of the house and denies that he volunteered to be a pawn.  Of course, the Brigade is covering themselves by saying that there are no other alliances in the house aside from Rachel and Brendon.  Monet warned the house about Matt flipping on everyone and left the meeting.

You know, for the Saboteur twist being over with, Julie is sure saying the word Saboteur a lot for no reason whatsoever!  Have no idea why this bugs the holy hell out of me but it does.

Time to vote.


So Monet is going home.  Again..don't let the door hit your ass on the way out you conceited wench.

Onwards and's time for the HoH competition.  They are riding on surfboards while water is pouring down on them.  The competition goes on after the show and it has already been published on Twitter and various Big Brother spoiler sites that Matt is the winner.

So, with Matt as HoH, who will he put up?  Will it be Rachel and Brendon as the Brigade tries to break up their alliance once again?  Will they try to use one their own as a pawn to throw off the rest of the house to the true nature of their alliance?

This should be another interesting week.

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