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Big Brother 12: The new season has begun!

Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday at 8:00PM on CBS

It's summer...and that means that the House Guests are once again taking up residence in the colorful Big Brother House. This season we are treated again to the usual cast of characters. There's the jock, the small town girl, the college student, the tough girl, the southern boy, the brain, the bitch, the chick with the boobs and, last but not least, the gay guy. This year, just to change it up, they've added an orthodox Jew, a bisexual woman, a Jersey boy, and a cop. Throw in the Big Brother summer twist of the "Saboteur" and it's possible we could have 90 days of "what the hell just happened" on our hands.

This years twist of having a House Guest in the game not to win but to sabotage everyone else is definitely new. We've had identical twins who switched places, siblings who knew nothing about each other, the Ex Factor, America's Player, and other "twists" that either ended up being the great story or fizzled before they could really get going. Having a player deliberately trying to wreck the other player's chances sounds interesting enough to keep watching and cheering that person on. Stealing a line from the America's Player theme, apparently we will have the opportunity to help them out with ideas. Will this help keep America watching? Or will the predictability of this cast of characters lead to another summer of "Eh..."

Meet the House Guests

Andrew Gordon
Miami Beach, FL


Andrew is definitely a first for the BB house. He is an Orthodox Jew. In fact, he has packed his own cook pots in an effort to keep kosher. Right off the bat, he has drawn suspicion on him by quickly volunteering to sit out of the first HoH competition and deciding to mess with the house guests during the Saboteur's black out. That and he is now safe from eviction. Either a conniving plan or a very stupid move. I think that Enzo will lead the charge to get Andrew out quickly. I don't believe he's the Saboteur but I think that suspicion will stay on him for a while. He could go further in the game but I really don't see him lasting beyond the midpoint. It's possible he could be this season's Ronnie.

Monet Stunson
Glen Carbon, IL

I do not like Monet. I've never been a fan of women who think that because they are pretty and can dress that they are somehow superior to the rest of us commoners. Of course, it could just be my jealousy of her suspected shoe collection that is bringing these feelings out in me. She went straight for the $10,000 in the HoH competition before thinking about how this would put her in an awkward spot with the rest of the house guests. I think that if her pre-house interview attitude comes out too strong, she will get voted out quickly. Of course, the build up to this could equal some very cool drama.

Enzo Palumbo
Bayonne, NJ
Insurance Adjuster

Enzo, Enzo, are just adding to the Jersey stereotype aren't you? He will be loud, obnoxious, and be oh so obvious in his ploy to rule the house. He is extremely paranoid about who is the Saboteur and is ready to throw Andrew under the bus. Could it be he doth protest much and it is Enzo who is out to wreck this house? That might explain the over playing of the Jersey boy...or he is a representation of what The Situation will be in a few years. Enzo could go to the final four if he doesn't rub everyone the wrong way. More than likely, his mouth and actions will get him in trouble and he ends up experiencing the same fate as Russell from season 11.

P.S. If you don't know who The Situation is, please tell me what rock you have been living under so I can join you there.

Kathy Hillis

Texarkana, AR
Deputy Sheriff

Kathy strikes me as an honest person. She is a survivor of ovarian cancer and didn't appear to try to use it right off the bat. You have to respect that, as opposed to Andrew who came up with a fake story to gain sympathy. Really too soon to tell how far she will go. If she stays honest and continues to fly under the radar, she could be a surprise winner.

Ragan Fox
West Hollywood, CA
College Professor

I know that Matt Smith can pull off the "bow ties are cool" look on Doctor Who but I just want to say to Ragan "sir, you are no Matt Smith". Another character hiding his true profession in the house. He says that his strategy is to not rock the boat until he has to but he is also looking to form a secret alliance two weeks into the game. As we know from past seasons, secret alliances almost always rock the boat. Hard to say about his prospects in the game. He won't be the first evicted but I'll be surprised if he makes it to the midway point.

Annie Whittington
Tampa, FL

Annie seems to be a player who has really watched Big Brother and knows how the game is played. She is bi-sexual but doesn't want to make a big deal out of it until she finds out the mood of the other players towards the subject. She is another likely candidate for the Saboteur role, in my opinion anyway. Annie could be in the final four. If she is a true BB fan, she will know the best ways to work the system, lie low & play her hand when it's time.

Hayden Moss
Tempe, AZ
College Student

Meet the first HoH! Hayden appears to be very laid back and also very willing to form alliances to pull his way through the game. By winning the first HoH competition, he has both secured his place for the week and painted a large target on his back. I don't know if he will be able to pull through without a strong alliance as he doesn't seem to have a solid game plan in mind so we'll see if he chooses wisely. We've seen many "pretty boy" house guests voted off quickly because they expected to be able to stay in based on looks alone. We'll see if Hayden can break that tradition.

Britney Haynes
Huntington, AR

Hotel Sales Manager

Britney seems to be trying to play the "I'm a small town girl trying to get myself to the big city" role and that role can get old quickly. She did fall and hurt her knee during the HoH competition but that could have been a well played ruse as the Saboteur. She would be a likely candidate but then again, that might make her the all to obvious choice. I think that there are a number of people who feel that she was probably faking. If it comes out that she was, she might be out on her ear.

Matt Hoffman
Elgin, IL
Web Designer

Matt could possibly be the smartest player in BB history, at least on paper. I've checked and I couldn't find anyone else who boasted of being a member of Mensa. For the time being, he's keeping that tidbit of info from the other house guests. He reminded me a bit of Dan from season 10. I think he may play the nice guy, try to come across as the reasonable one during confrontations and could very well slide his way into the winning seat.

Kristen Bitting
Philadelphia, PA
Boutique Manager

Kristen appears to be different. She really didn't say much during the first episode so she could be playing it smart and just sitting back, taking it all in and waiting to make her move. She claims to have been on her own since she was 18 which could give her a bit of insight into humanity...or give her a touch of arrogance that could be her undoing. Don't assume that this blond will go quietly.

Lane Elenburg
Decatur, TX
Oil Rig Salesman

Lane's another one who was hard to read. He seems to be fitting the BB role of the Good Ol' Southern Boy. Other than that, most of what the public knows of Lane comes from his BB profile. What I found most odd is that his fear is electric fences. I can only imagine where that fear originated. I'm thinking a dark country road and a lot of liquid were involved.

Rachel Reilly
Las Vegas, NV
Chemistry Grad Student/VIP Cocktail Waitress

Finally, we come to Rachel. Yes folks, this is the chick with the boobs. That she is Chemistry Grad Student proves that she does have brains...but I'm afraid she's going to resort to using her massive chest size to get her through the game. I suspect that she might be the saboteur. She is just too much of a contradiction to be real. I think that she may be seen as a threat by the women in the game and taken out early so if she is the saboteur, that will make for a short twist.

Brendon Villegas
Riverside, CA
High School Swim Coach

Three words come to mind: Big Dumb Jock. I don't think he would disagree with this assessment as one of the adjectives he uses to describe himself is unintelligible. He seems the most likely to try to hook up with Rachel. I don't see him going far on his own. To make it to the half way point, he's going to have to hook up with a strong alliance and hope they don't turn on him.

So, that is it my friends. The new season of Big Brother.

Oh, if you want to play a fun drinking game, try this:

1 shot every time Julie Chen says the word "Saboteur".
2 shots every time Andrew asks if something is kosher.
3 shots when Rachel shoves her boobs into the center of attention.

I'd have more but by the time you go through these shots, you'll be passed out on the floor.

And that may be the best way to watch Big Brother 12.

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