Thursday, July 15, 2010

Big Brother 12: Drama in the house, first eviction & the identity of the Saboteur is revealed!

We pick up just after the veto competition.  Annie has barely sat on the couch and the drama has started already.  Just after they get off the couch, Annie starts saying that Britney is going around telling everyone lies about her.  She begins packing her stuff.  Rachel realizes that she just has to lay low and let Annie hang herself.

Annie, by the way, is doing an excellent job of hanging herself.  She gets mad at Brendon for choosing Rachel over her.  She tells Brendon that she didn't mean to lash out and that she's now embarrassed because she knows that there is no way she can get six votes to stay.  She knows she's going home.

Back to the gratuitous PDA by Brendon and Rachel.  Brendon stops the make-out session to say that he's upset about how Annie's reacting.  Rachel is a bit pissed that he is even concerned about Annie.  Brendon says that he just needs Rachel to hold him and tell him it will be okay but she just sits back and rolls her eyes.

Back to the live segment with Julie.  Who is the Saboteur?  Quick! Skip ahead if you don't want to see....

It's ANNIE!!!

No wonder she's pissed that she's on the block!

Cut to Annie showing how she padlocked the pantry during the blackout and how she bumped into Brendon on the way back.  How does he not remember this?  If my alliance member was on the block, I'd be screaming about this little tidbit of info to anyone who would listen...especially since Annie placed herself on the couch when everyone was confirming their whereabouts during the blackout.

On to another saboteur message...who tells Hayden that he didn't pick the correct people to be evicted and that he/she escaped the block this week.  Immediately, everyone looks to Brendon as he did "escape" the block.  Annie hopes that this little diversion will save her.

Andrew and Hayden talk in the HoH room.  They think it would be better, if Brendon is the saboteur, to vote out Rachel.

Annie is sitting out back throwing Rachel under the bus.  She also tells everyone that Brendon isn't who he says he is and that he's not just a swim coach.  Everyone thinks that it would be better to vote Rachel out.  Annie says that she will make a bunch of sweet deals and kiss anybodies ass to stay.

Back to the live show.  Julie does a recap of the competitions and how hard it was for some houseguests to compete, highlighting Brendon losing his shorts during the Have/Have Not caramel popcorn competition.

Annie and Rachel give there final pleas.  Annie throws Brendon and Rachel under the bus by saying if they don't get rid of Rachel now, Brendon will take her through to the end just like Jeff did with Jordan last season.  Rachel basically just says that she loves everyone and knows that they will do the right thing.

Live voting!


Vote of 10-0 and Annie is gone.  Annie gives everyone hugs with the exception of Brendon and Rachel.

So the Saboteur is gone!  Wow!  That twist was short.

Annie feels that she lost because she played too hard so she put a target on her own back.  She thought that Brendon would find a way to pull her off the block.  She thinks that the rest of the house is stupid for keeping Rachel and not her.  She doesn't realize that she was evicted because she was a big mouth, bad tempered drama queen.  Rachel told her in the good-bye message that she was glad that Annie was gone because Annie tried to get in between Rachel and Brendon.  Annie blows this off and explains how Brendon tried to get with her first but she brushed him off so Rachel got her "sloppy seconds".  Whatever Chica.

Hey Annie!  Do you live in your fantasy world full time or is it just your summer home?

Soooo...back to the HoH competition.  Hayden cannot compete, of course, as outgoing HoH.  The game is "Majority Rules" where the answer to the question needs to be what the majority thinks, not a personal opinion.

First round: Brendon, Kathy and Kristen knocked out.
Second round: Enzo, Matt, and Lane kicked out.  (The Brigade is now ineligible for the HoH!  Oh justice is sweet!)
Third round: Tie
Fourth round: Tie
Fifth round: Tie
Sixth round: Andrew knocked out
Seventh round: Ragan is knocked out.

Monet, Rachel and Britney go to the tie breaker round.  The winner is RACHEL!!!!!!! recap:

Annie was the saboteur....and was tossed out on her ass first by a 10-0 vote.

The Brigade alliance didn't even come close in the HoH competition.

Rachel is now in charge for the week...heads will roll this week my friends...heads will roll....

By my count, Julie Chen said Saboteur 12 times this episode.  What will she do now that it's no longer necessary?

I think that with Rachel as HoH, anything goes.  I'd be surprised to see Hayden not up on the block but she might try to backdoor him this week to ensure he goes.  Although, to make that work, the Brigade alliance will need to be brought to light...and since those guys really aren't all that bright collectively, that should be easy to do.  Sunday should be a very interesting show!

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