Saturday, January 8, 2011

Care Bears, GeekGirlCon and a Road Trip!

As I announced on Twitter, I will be making the long 15 hour drive north this Friday the 14th from Northern California to Seattle for the All Hands On Deck meeting of GeekGirlCon.  However, I will not be travelling alone!

I will be taking one of my daughter's Care Bears with me to help promote GeekGirlCon along the route.  Originally, these were my Care Bears and I passed them down to her.  She has them all, including Grams, the baby bears Hugs & Tugs..and even one Care Bear Cousin, Cozy Heart Penguin!

I will be taking pictures of the bear with a GeekGirlCon promo card at various stops along the trip.  With the way the weather has been going, you may even see a picture of the Bear in the snow!!  I will be tweeting these pics so that you can follow along on the road trip too! 

Sooo...which Bear would you like to see on the trip?  Wish Bear?  Tenderheart Bear?  Good Luck Bear?  Cheer Bear or Funshine Bear?  Send in your votes by twitter or blog comments & then tune in Friday Jan 14th to see which Bear is going to be designated official GeekGirlCon Promo Bear!!

And if you feel so inclined, please visit to learn who we are, how you can help or to make a donation!  Thank you and I look forward to reading your votes!


  1. Funshine Bear! (That's the yellow one with the rainbow, right?)

  2. Yogi Berra!

    Wait, no, wrong site for that. Ahem. How about Good Luck Bear?